Oakroyd in the time of coronavirus ... what it means for your holiday.

What to expect if you book a holiday with us.

We know you’re looking forward to your holiday at Oakroyd , and we’d love to see you. But before you come, we need to be assured that neither you nor anyone in your party or anybody you’ve been in contact with, has had any symptoms of Covid-19 coronavirus within the past 3 weeks. Symptoms such as headache, sore throat, dry tickly cough, loss or change in taste or smell or sneezing could mean that you might have Covid-19. It wouldn’t be fair on you or our little village if you brought the virus with you to Gorran Haven, so under these circumstances, please help save lives and STAY AWAY!!

We'll check with you before you arrive to ensure that you haven't got any of the symptoms which would indicate that you might be harbouring the Covid-19 virus.

In order to ensure that Oakroyd is fully deep cleaned and sanitized between our guests stays, we have to take longer to clean and prepare the bungalow, so we would ask that you don’t arrive before 5.00pm we do hope that you understand but the extra time will help us ensure that Oakroyd has been cleaned thoroughly. We also ask that you leave promptly at or before 09.30am on the day of your departure.

We have to ensure that all hard and soft surfaces plus all the contents of both the bungalow, the outhouse and the garden furniture has been treated with an industrial strength cleaner designed to eliminate coronavirus. We use a steam cleaner to sanitise the curtains and carpets and also use a hand held UV light to destroy the virus in hard to access places. You will also see that we have installed a ‘fresh air machine’ that  has a series of filters to remove air-borne particles and which also sterilizes the air by passing it through a UV beam to destroy any air-borne viruses and bacteria present. 

Covid-19 has also meant that we’ve had to reduce or eliminate the ‘extras’ that are usually part of Oakroyd. If you’ve been before, then we’re very sorry, but some items are difficult or impossible to sanitize properly and in order to reduce the risk of contamination we’ve had to remove some of them. Items such as the tourist information brochures, magazines, cushions, bath toys and beach chairs, have been removed. We have removed some other items , so that we can replace them after a week (the virus becomes inactive after 72 hours outside of its host) so there will be some DVDs, some books, 2 throws,  a couple of buckets & spades, 2 beach balls. You will find that there will only be one pillow / person and only one spare blanket, as we have to remove and either store or launder items between our guests stays. There will be sufficient crockery and glassware but the extra items have had to be culled. All crockery, glassware cutlery, pots & pans will be washed for each changeover. Some items such as cling film, aluminium foil, cruets, cleaning supplies etc we'll be replacing at each changeover, so they will be virus free. However, if there’s anything you normally have and you would like to have it and it’s missing, then please let us know and we’ll bring it down for you.

We'll be leaving you hand sanitiser in the front porch, by the back door and in the outhouse. Please use this before you enter and when you leave the bungalow. Also, please remember that thorough hand washing at frequent intervals is one of the best ways to get rid of the virus. I'm also going to have to remind you that we still have to keep a safe distance from one another, even when on holiday, and to keep alert for any symptoms. All shops and public transport now require you to wear a face mask when using them. I'm afraid that we can't supply you with masks or disposable gloves, so please bring your own supply.

I’ll leave the (sanitised) keys in the (sanitised) key safe on the wall to the right of the front door and give you the code before you arrive. There'll also be a contact sheet with our contact details and an information sheet with useful information about Oakroyd.

Finally, we’re very sorry, but we won’t be coming down to meet you in the evening when you arrive, as the current ruling states that contact with people outside of your immediate family should be avoided. But should you need us for whatever reason, then we’ll leave you our contact numbers in the bungalow. These are difficult times, but hopefully with patience and common sense we’ll come through.